After COVID 19 – make your next appointment now !

Dear Client 😊

First, we at Deep Hairdressing hope you and your families are all well and coping throughout these unprecedented times.


Second, like BJ we have a plan !

Let me explain :- From today, May 11 we want you to make an appointment as normal, at the time you want and with the stylist you want.

This virtual appointment book will roll forward week on week so, when Boris Johnson & GOV UK allow salons to open [ which could be July I know ] you already have an appointment locked in.

So, let’s say they allow us to re-open on the 4 July the whole appointment book rolls forward to that date … its simple 😊

Those of you who make an appointment will also pay a *£20 confirmation fee which is of course deductible from your service cost. Paid over the phone or direct to the bank.


Use the email below to book your next appointment or use our online booking service which is now also available.


Rest assured once we do open the salon, we will of course take every precaution to ensure your risk from this virus is As Low as Reasonably Practicable and we will also attempt to accommodate any special requests.


If you have used a ‘box colour’ at home, please let us know when you make your appointment – this is especially important. We might need you to complete a new form so ask for one and we will send via email.


Any other questions please ask via email and check the website for further updates.


We hope to see you all very soon.


Stay safe,


Deep Hairdressing

Deep Hairdressing (Norton) Ltd – Sort Code : 090129 / Account No. : 28318891

*We also hope you understand why we ask for a confirmation fee

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